We are pleased to tell you that groups across Wakefield District are working together to create a Food Partnership – we will be part of this work. We will let you know how things progress.

We all eat – but did you know that food was a climate issue?

  • Food waste is on of the top ten sources of climate change emissions.
  • Industrial agriculture creates climate damaging emissions through fossil fuel use on farms, through industrial processes to make fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Industrial agriculture damages ecosystems through killing plants, insects and soil microbes in the soil, on the surface and in field surrounds.
  • Food processing, food transport and food storage causes climate damaging emissions.
  • Refrigeration is one of the top ten sources of climate damaging emissions.
  • Meat is in the spotlight because of methane (another climate gas) from cows and sheep, intensive animal rearing (especially in the US) and because of the land used to grow grain for animal feed (not their natural diet)
  • There are forms of agriculture – agroecology,  regenerative agriculture, eco-forestry – that can enhance biodiversity and store carbon in the soil

Agroforestry is another approach, combining trees with agriculture:

Food is also a Just Transition issue

During the coronavirus pandemic, some of our members have volunteered at local food banks, because food poverty is a daily part of life for some Wakefield citizens.  

Some parts of our district qualify as “Food Deserts” – it is easy to get over-processed and junk food, but too difficult to find fresh vegetables and fruit.

Some people can grow their own fresh vegetables, but many people have no access to land such as an allotment or garden.

If you are interested in growing your own food, you might like to get in touch with one of our partners, Grow Wakefield – a local charity that works with communities to turn “unloved spaces to growing places” .

If you are interested in joining us in campaigning for sustainable, healthy, local, climate friendly food – please get in touch.