Book review – On Guerrilla Gardening

April 9, 2021

On Guerrilla Gardening – a handbook for gardening without boundaries, Richard Reynolds (Bloomsbury 2008)

Do you know of a neglected space in your area?  A space that maybe the council used to garden, but have given up under the weight of austerity?  A space owned and ignored by an absentee landlord waiting for a boom in land prices that is spreading weed seed over the neighbourhood?

Do you want to do something about it, but have not known where to start?  This is the place to start – a simple borrowing of this book from the library will get you in control of your environment.  

The author gives his own history as a guerrilla gardener, along with examples and case studies from others around the world.  From New York Community Gardens to clandestine cultivation of traffic islands, it is all here.

This neat little book on guerrilla gardening is an introduction, a handbook, a link into networks – and a quick read.  It is not a horticultural manual, although it has some useful hints, tips and ideas.  So, if you are thinking about sneaking into the night with your fork and trowel, read this first.  If you are not thinking about it, read this and you might well be!

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