Just Transition Wakefield - Communities tackling the climate emergency

Who we are, what we're about

Just Transition Wakefield was created by Wakefield and District Trades Council and Wakefield Friends of the Earth, as a network or alliance of groups, organisations and individuals to campaign for a zero carbon Wakefield as part of a zero carbon UK.  As a Climate Action Group our efforts aim to:

● Cut climate emissions, like carbon dioxide and methane

● Increase carbon sinks, like woodland and wetland areas

● Enhance biodiversity and nature

● Raise the ability of people and communities across the district to adapt and be resilient in the face of climate change

● Boost the creation of thousands of good green jobs.

Just Transition Wakefield will support Wakefield Council to achieve the aims of its climate emergency and ecological emergency declarations and to challenge it when it falls short.


Our Principles & Values

● Climate change is real, caused by human activities and is an existential threat to nature and to human civilisation

● A just transition to a low carbon society needs to be rapid and has huge potential benefits to society – in terms of energy security, health and well-being, good green jobs, the local environment, social justice and equity

● Workers and trade unions have key and unique roles to play in combating climate change, while workers in fossil fuel industries need solidarity, support and protection in the transition to a low and zero carbon economy

● All parts of the community must be engaged for the transition to be rapid, comprehensive and just

● We value and require the demonstration of Respect, Inclusion, Compassion, Solidarity, Social Justice and Collaborative working in the common interest.

Our Aims and Objectives 2021-2025

Wakefield Metropolitan District Council - To work constructively with representatives of the Council, acting as a strong Voice for Concerned Citizens, to support the Council’s work in response to its declaration of climate and ecological emergencies.  To provide legitimate scrutiny, challenge and criticism of local plans to tackle these emergencies when they fall short in terms of scale, scope, pace or ambition, in particular ensuring a just transition remains at the heart of local planning.

Eco-Education - To work with schools, colleges and educators to support their work to educate young people about the climate and nature emergencies; and to support adult climate education to accelerate community understanding of the challenge.

Community Engagement - To engage and network with communities, community representatives and groups of all kinds, sharing information and helping everyone to understand the climate and nature emergencies, the current and future impacts, adaptation and resilience measures and the strategies that can be deployed to enable Wakefield & The Five Towns area to become a zero-carbon district.

Business & Employment - To work with trade unions, employers and other workers, in all sectors, to promote understanding of our contribution to the climate and nature emergencies, also how we can all respond in collaboration to ensure a just transition for all workers and the creation of thousands of good green jobs.

Practical Action - To be a catalyst for action in communities across the district to tackle the climate and nature emergencies.  We shall promote, facilitate, urge, influence, steer, mobilise, assist, encourage and support, the implementation of practical projects or initiatives that will reduce carbon emissions, increase carbon sinks, enhance nature and biodiversity or promote the achievement of our wider mission.  These projects or initiatives could relate to any of the following strategic themes:

  • Circular Local Economy
  • Greening Business
  • Local Food Produce
  • Nature & Re-Wilding
  • Renewable Energy
  • Eco-Homes & Buildings
  • Green Transport

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“Climate change… is a civilisational wake-up call. A powerful message – spoken in the language of fires, floods, droughts, and extinctions – telling us that we need an entirely new economic model and a new way of sharing this planet.”

Naomi Klein