We ask our members and supporters to share recommended reading and viewing, and if they can, to share a brief book review. We hope these inspire and interest you, as well as educate and entertain!

Read Janet’s review here

We have been sent two reviews of this – hard to believe that this was published 10 years ago! You can read them here and here.

Some recommendations for you

One of our members has shared a short suite of more academic reading to tempt us to extend our understanding. He says “In thinking about ecological transitions and sustainable development, I have found the following to be most valuable” (listed in alphabetical order).

Lundqvist, L. J. (2001). A green fist in a velvet glove: The ecological state and sustainable development. Environmental Values10(4), 455-472.
open access at

Robinson, N. A. (2014). Fundamental principles of law for the Anthropocene?. Environmental Policy and Law.44, 13.
available open access at https://digitalcommons.pace.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1962&context=lawfaculty

Whitelegg, J. (2015). Mobility: A new urban design and transport planning philosophy for a sustainable future. Straw Barnes Press, Church Stretton
This latter is available as a free e-book on Amazon, though I am not sure about the terms and conditions. Here is a summary 

Inevitably, we find ourselves pulled into planning decisions, be it local housing or road schemes, or controversial National Infrastructure developments such as at Drax. Barry has allowed us to share this as well: a book he authored with the name ‘Markets, Politics and the Environment’. The book is mostly concerned with the nature of planning and its methodology. However, the final two chapters ‘Transition Management’ and ‘Sustainable Urbanism’ are directly relevant to ‘Just Transition’. We can access a spare hard copy for anyone interested. (There seems to be no free online access). The reference is: Goodchild, B. (2016). Markets, Politics and the Environment: an introduction to planning theory. Routledge.

On a similar theme, readers might be interested in Paul Chatterton’s Unlocking Sustainable Cities: A Manifesto for Real Change (Pluto Press, 2019)

Liz says of this “A fascinating e-book, available as an audiobook online from Wakefield Library, read aloud by Rachel Reeves.”

Wilding by Isabella Tree

The Hidden Life of Trees: What they feel, how they communicate; by Peter Wohlleben