Wakefield school setting the pace on climate education

July 24, 2021

We are really excited to share with you all that just before the end of the summer term, Stanley Grove Primary School in Wakefield became the first Wakefield School to sign up to Let’s Go Zero.  Way Hay!!

Let’s Go Zero is a national campaign to support and encourage schools to play their part as we tackle the climate emergency together as a society.  It provides resources to help schools deliver climate education to all children of all ages, to add biodiversity and wildlife to school grounds, to save money by investing in energy efficiency technology and of course, to reduce schools carbon footprint to zero – ideally in both production and consumption.

If you are a pupil, a member of staff, a governor or a parent at a local school who wants to find out more, just use the contact form to ask questions and get involved.

Here are some photos and an introduction to the latest piece of work – from a whole school project based on the book Dear Earth.  Huge thanks to Ms Shaw for sharing the work with us, and for the introduction below.  We have to say that writing environmental and climate education into the School Development Plan goes further than even Let’s Go Zero expect – Stanley Grove setting the pace nationally!

Dear Earth was a whole school topic completed at home and at school during the last lockdown.

Taking care of our world is so important to Stanley Grove School.  Climate change and environmental issues are to be written into the School Development Plan and we are the first school in Wakefield to sign up to  the ‘Let’s go Zero’ campaign. 

Here are two examples of our children’s work. Elise and Bobby.

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