Wakefield Welcomes Spanish Climate Walkers

October 11, 2021

This Friday, October 15th, see Wakefield welcoming Spanish climate walkers.

Come and join Just Transition Wakefield along with friends and partners such as Wakefield Cathedral, Wakefield Council and local schools. Where? – on the Cathedral steps. When? – 12 noon.

Who will be speaking? The Mayor Cllr Tracey Austin, The Bishop Rev Tony Robinson, Cllr Jack Hemingway, local school pupils, community members and Just Transition Wakefield members.

Why are they walking for the Climate? This year, the world gathers in Glasgow for the 26th Climate COP talks – COP26. This is billed as the last best chance to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown. If word leaders fail to take the necessary action, we will not cut emissions fast enough and we will sail past 1.5 degrees of warming, possibly even past 2 degrees of warming by 2030. This will put us on track for 4 or 5 degrees of warming by the end of this century. Our visitors share our view that we must shout about the climate and force world leaders to take the necessary action – at the speed and at the scale required – 50% emissions cuts by 2030, not the 16% rise that the UN is currently predicting.

This IS a Climate Emergency. We ARE in an Ecological Emergency. We NEED our leaders to act NOW.

See the latest press release here.

See the flyer and leaflet here.

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