The Spanish are coming!

September 30, 2021

On Friday October 15th, a group of Spanish Climate Activists are coming to Wakefield.

The group are gathering in Bilboa, and taking the ferry to Portsmouth, ready to walk to Glasgow in time for the UNFCC COP26 talks. We are facing a combined climate and ecological emergency, and our friends from Spain are highlighting the importance of the COP26 talks by walking to Glasgow where the talks are being held.

The pressure is on as the talks approach. Last week at the United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told world leaders that it was time to grow up, that humanity has been behaving like a teenager, and we can no longer expect someone else to clear up our mess! We would go further, and say that for too long, the world has left its mess and its debt for future generations to deal with. We say that the climate and ecological emergencies are now upon us, and we must work together to clear up our own mess.

Just Transition Wakefield aim to make October 15th a big event for Wakefield. We are planning a rally on the Cathedral steps, supported by both the Council and the Cathedral. This will start at 12 noon, and will be the walkers’ lunch stop. This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested to find out more about the climate and ecological emergencies, about the COP26 talks, and about how Wakefield communities are tackling the crisis locally. It is also a great opportunity to find out what is happening in our region during the COP26 talks to keep the pressure on world leaders to “do the right thing”.

If you speak Spanish, if you are “climate concerned”, if you love good speech, and if you are a climate activist, we would love your support. Wakefield is no longer a climate laggard, but a climate leader – help us show the world and get the message out!

More information on the group from Spain can be found here.

Press: please contact Stuart on or use the contact form.

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